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Dr I D Pearson is a leading all-sector futurist with 27 years experience, a keynote speaker with well over 1000 presentations globally, a media guest who has appeared on TV and radio over 750 times, author of eight books and inventor of 1850 inventions across every sector.

Dr Pearson identifies and explains the key changes ahead in every sector of business and society that will arise as a result of rapidly changing technology, without use of jargon, in a provocative and entertaining style, using a strong engineering background to interpret current R&D trends and assess how fast things in each sector will change in the next 15 years and deduce what’s likely to come next and what they mean to every executive.

With a maths and physics degree, Pearson learned systems engineering in Short’s Missile Systems and then joined BT. Numerous inventions later, including text messaging and the active contact lens, Pearson became established as BT’s lead futurologist until leaving to join Futurizon in 2007, predicting developments throughout technology, considering their business, political, environmental and social implications.

Dr Pearson is a Chartered Fellow of the British Computer Society, the World Academy of Art and Science, and the World Innovation Foundation and in 2007 was awarded a Doctor of Science degree by the University of Westminster.

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